Monday, January 27, 2014

Upcycled Chair Back to Jewelry Organizer/Display

Some may think I'm totally insane for having purchased this piece of junk from a unique store called "Junkology".  But I had a vision for this interesting vintage piece of chair back.  So I took apart this piece of "junk"; removed a couple of old rusty nails and the wood piece sticking out.  Then I took my Gorilla Wood glue and glued the pieces back together.

Unfortunately, my clamps were to short; so I had to improvise by using a box of tile to keep the pieces weighted down in order to dry.  (You can see a stained glass window behind it - future project.)

After the glue dried I sanded it very lightly.  I liked the unique rustic look to the wood.  Then I sprayed it all over with 2 coats of Rustoleum's Clear Matte Enamel Spray.  Once the enamel had sufficient time to dry, I used my handy dandy drill to drill holes approximately 2" apart.

The drill holes were for screw hooks where the user can hang their jewelry.  I think it turned out great. And... I call it a Rustic Chippy Jewelry Organizer.  But it could be used for something other than jewelry.  I also used 2 saw-tooth picture hangers on the back for easy hanging.

Does it still look like "junk" to you, or a unique and functional hanging organizer?
I wish I had taken a picture with jewelry on it; but perhaps that is for another day.

Available for sale:  $40.00 + tax and delivery if applicable.
Cash or Paypal.  Email me if interested at

Have a wonderful blessed day,