Thursday, April 3, 2014

Should I Stay or Should I Go.....

Well my friends, its been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on either of my blogs.  I've been keeping myself busy in my spare time getting product over to the booth at the thrift store.  I know I've only been there a little over a month and a half; but I guess I was expecting to at least make my rent... so far that's a big fat NO.  So, my question to my readers is:  How long should I continue at a loss?  I feel as if I am paying the store owner to sell my stuff and not get any money in return.  It would probably be cheaper to donate it to charity.

I returned to eBay and have been selling fairly well there.  I'm not going to get rich; but at least I made a profit.

So, this is my thought; give it another month; if I don't at least make my rent - then give the 30 day required notice to vacate.  Then - focus on eBay.

What do you think?  Should I stay or should I go???