Thursday, May 8, 2014

Detailed Seller Rating - For Blondie's Boutique - A New Milestone Reached

Folks who sells on eBay, know you must have a minimum of 10 DSR ratings before they become visible on your Seller Dashboard.  I'm very happy to say, I have finally reached that milestone.  I'm also proud to provide world class service to my clients.

The majority of products I offer are thrifted from various sources such as garage sales, rummage sales (my favorite), thrift stores, and closet or garage sale buys.  Not everything is a high-end brand; but I make it my goal and standard procedure to offer items that are free of stains, tears, rips, or holes... or any other damage.

I tried to make the picture below larger; but I still struggle with some technological skills (or lack there-of).

I want to thank all of those folks who follow my blog(s) and those who just happen to stop by.

Thank you all and God Bless!