Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blondie's Boutique Complimented

I don't usually toot my own horn, but I am so proud of this compliment that I had to share.

Below copied from the listing referenced - identity removed for privacy.

Q: Dear Seller, Please, could you provide a rating on this shirt in regards to machine wash fading...10 being the deepest, most vivid store bought read, and 1 representing the greatest amount of fading. Please share any other issues aside from the fading question posed above...stains which have matted the corduroy , button holes which have been stretched out due to normal use, fraying to any of the hems on shirt trails or cuffs, all original buttons, etc. Many, many thanks!Jul-01-14
A: Below is Blondie's Boutique's opinion of the garment referenced. Please note seller and prospective buyer may not share the same opinion. As owner and operator of Blondie's Boutique I have experience in retail sales outside of ebay as a former Department Head of Infant's & Children's Wear from a now closed department store. Garment shows little fading. On a scale of 1 (being the greatest amount of fading) to 10 being the least amount: I would rate this as an 8-9. The shade of red is deep and rich. A few "loose" threads around some button holes, which is normal and may be factory results. All buttons are original and accounted for. No fraying of seams. No stains. Corduroy may have flattened somewhat in fold areas due to storage. Shirt is in very good to excellent shape. Good luck if you choose to bid. Regards, Blondie

After I sent the response to the question - here is what the prospective buyer replied

"Dear Blondie's Boutique,
We are truly grateful for your time and effort in answering our questions! You're obviously a professional and we appreciate your being thorough! Blessings!"

I do consider myself a professional, this compliment means so much to me. The prospective buyer bid on the item, and it will end in a day or two.

Many Blessings,