Friday, July 25, 2014

New to eBay? - Advice for New Buyers

Ebay is a wonderful outlet of businesses filled with all kinds of merchandise.  When a person first signs up as an ebay buyer; their feedback score starts at zero (0).  I've had a few buyers with 0 and 1 feedback scores and I have no problem welcoming them to my store and to eBay.  I mean, I started at zero too.  I wonder however, if some don't pay attention to the store policies or rules which will vary by seller.  One of the most important ones is:  Payment Terms.  Some sellers have 2 day payment terms, some give you more time.  So, just one word of advice to new eBay buyers - be sure to check the seller's policy on payment terms.

The second word of advice to new buyers is to build your feedback score by purchasing low priced/low shipping cost items.  Be sure to pay promptly and the result will more than likely be positive feedback which will build as more purchases are made.

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