Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dog Days of Summer Slow Sales - Don't Give Up...

I've wondered over the last several days (about 2 weeks or so), why it appeared that my sales have declined.  This being August, and the last official full month of summer gives me a reason to believe why sales have declined a little.  Family vacations, many schools have started (including my school district).

So today, I stumbled on a way to see if some of my favorite fellow sellers have had the similar sales.  I figured out how to look up their sold listings to see how many they have sold over the past several days. Well it seems to be a pattern.  People much more experienced than I haven't sold a whole lot more than I; so I have to chalk it up to the time of year and season.  Fourth quarter just around the corner, and I anticipate a HUGE jump in sales.

I have selected some really nice new items for my ebay store that will make great gifts or additions to anyone's wardrobe and accessories.  Pricing on the items pictured below includes domestic shipping.

Visit Store

Cute, trendy handbags (purse or tote).... available in a variety of colors and style.  Four listed to date; with more coming as time allows.

Below are available in plus size only.  Open front animal print cardigan; great for Fall.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top Rated Seller Official Email From EBay

Its really official.  Yes, I'm bragging; and probably annoyingly. But I'm so thrilled to have reached this milestone in my business..... 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dumpster Diving for FREE Shipping and Packing Supplies

Most people who sell on eBay and other sites are well aware of the free shipping supplies you can get from  However, the free supplies are specifically targeted toward priority and/or expedited mail.  If you want to help save the earth and use recycled materials, a great source for shipping and packing materials are the great recycle dumpster in your area.  I actually have permission from the manager of a national retail store chain to take as much from "his" dumpster as I want.  As he put, he has to pay the bill, so anything I take out saves his company money.  So, periodically I drive by looking for certain size boxes, bubble wrap, and other things that can be used to make shipping more economical.

Get your boxes, and bubble wrap, as well as other packaging materials from your local recycle dumpster.... be sure to get permission if there are restrictions in your area.

Do you have any special FREE supply sources?  If so, please share with me and my readers.  We'd love to know.

Warm Regards,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why I Want to Become DEBT FREE!!

This is exactly the reason why I would like to work towards a debt free life.  I couldn't have said it better myself.


Using Hassle-free returns with eBay....

I had something returned, but unfortunately neither I nor the customer had ever gone through the return process.  I did it a little incorrectly by going directly into Paypal and issuing a refund. But today I did some research on eBay and found out it is as simple as it says.

Go to the link here to learn how to take advantage of hassle-free returns.

I offer hassle free returns on all qualified items.  I just hope eBay doesn't count it against me if someone simply changes their mind.  Since I just earned Top Rated Seller status, I really want to be able to maintain or grow that level of service.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top Rated Seller Rating August 21, 2014

Another milestone has been reached!  I can't say I've worked "HARD", but I have worked "SMART".
For me eBay sales is work but it isn't necessarily hard or difficult work.  Sure there are several steps to listing products...

  • sourcing
  • researching
  • photographing
  • listing
  • managing listings/inventory
  • shipping

and it consumes a significant amount of time.  Anyone can do it, and with today's smart phones its even easier.

I'm loving it and even with a full time job, I've managed to be awarded Top Rated Seller rating as of today.  Holding on to that level is the next challenge.  So now comes the decision of whether to upgrade from a Basic store to a Premium store.  A little more monthly investment; but more FREE listings (ok, technically I think I'm paying for them).  The original plan was to upgrade in January; but perhaps sooner would be a good idea.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't have Pierced Ears... No Problem

Hello friends and followers;

Not everyone has pierced ears, and knowing so I have added some listings in my store for clip on earrings. I hope to add a few more in the coming days; so be sure to follow or add me to your favorites.

Jewelry Department @ dba Blondie's Boutique

Warm Regards,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

eBay Selling Coach: Profiles of Successful eBay Pickers - Antique Chic...

Hello friends and followers;

I just wanted to share this post from Suzanne A Wells at - I really enjoy this series.  It gives me a great deal of hope for my goal of one day becoming self-employed.  I've been working for 38 years and I'm ready to take early retirement (ha!) and do my own thing for a change.

eBay Selling Coach: Profiles of Successful eBay Pickers - Antique Chic...: Time for another installment of "Profiles of Successful eBay Pickers." eBay is getting a lot of bad press lately about not bei...

What's your goal?

Warm Regards,


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are 30 Day Listings a Good Idea?

I'm trying to spend more time on new items, than re-listing items that don't sell within the standard 7 day listing.  Therefore, instead of setting automation rules, I thought "ok, I'll try BIN (buy it now) listings for 30 days". I've listened to numerous youtube videos and read several blogs who seem to have success with this strategy.  I'm not sure yet if its a good idea yet or not.  Sales seem to have slowed; but I'm not certain if it is because of the time of year, or people are waiting for it to get closer to its end date.  I have the basic store, and trying to keep my listings around 150 for the month is a little tight when unsold items re-list every 7 days.

So, the questions to my followers are:

  1. Are 30 Day Listings a Good Idea?
  2. How are your summer sales (particularly August)?
  3. How much time should I give 30 day listings a chance before I revert back to 7 day listings?

Warm Regards,

You can visit my store:  dba Blondie's Boutique

Monday, August 11, 2014

Stretched a Little Thin.... - Support your bloggers, Follow, Like, Share

Hello friends and followers,

Well, today I tried to get caught up reading some of the blogs I enjoy reading.  There seems to be a common theme right now.  As working parents, it is often very difficult to pursue a dream of owning your own business while you still have a mortgage, car payment, and children to care for and a full time job.  I'm one of those people as well.  I have always wanted my own store.  I've tried and given up long before failure was a reality.  Why did I give up?  I got tired, I was stretched to thin.  For almost 10 years now I've been a single parent raising two children on my day job.  While I'm one of the fortunate ones who manages to stay afloat; there isn't a lot of money for extras.  Their father has always been involved in their lives; but we decided on joint custody with no child support.  So, in support of the fellow dreamers out there, I am going to share their posts here.

Check out Serena at Thrift Diving.  I met Serena briefly at Haven Conference 2014; and I've been reading her blog for almost 2 years.  She is a strong woman with perseverance.  I ask you to show your support by following and reading her blog and her youtube channel.

Next is Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  Who gives some great advice on how to move to your dream job while not giving up your day job.  You can see her post here.

I haven't given up my dream completely; I've just re-evaluated how to go about it.  So, if you've read other posts in the past 6 months; you know I have an eBay store.  Since the thrift store booth was not profitable, I decided to pull out at the end of this month and focus on my eBay store.

Well, I guess that's enough for today.  Keep up the great work ladies and gents, and have a wonderful blessed day.  


FOLLOW, LIKE, or SHARE this post with your friends.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blondie's Boutique - BOLO's for eBay

Hi guys,  I thought I would share a couple of items I did fairly well on in recent eBay listings.  Both of these items were purchased at thrift stores.

BOLO (Be On the Look Out)

Mary Kay Sample Organizer - sold in less than an hour after listing.
Paid $6; sold for $29.99 (free expedited shipping)

Candle Creations Candle Making Machine - sold in less than 12 hours after listing.
Paid $15; sold for $59.99 (free expedited shipping)

Do you have any BOLO's you would like to share?

Warm Regards,

eBay ID: blondiesboutique2010