Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are 30 Day Listings a Good Idea?

I'm trying to spend more time on new items, than re-listing items that don't sell within the standard 7 day listing.  Therefore, instead of setting automation rules, I thought "ok, I'll try BIN (buy it now) listings for 30 days". I've listened to numerous youtube videos and read several blogs who seem to have success with this strategy.  I'm not sure yet if its a good idea yet or not.  Sales seem to have slowed; but I'm not certain if it is because of the time of year, or people are waiting for it to get closer to its end date.  I have the basic store, and trying to keep my listings around 150 for the month is a little tight when unsold items re-list every 7 days.

So, the questions to my followers are:

  1. Are 30 Day Listings a Good Idea?
  2. How are your summer sales (particularly August)?
  3. How much time should I give 30 day listings a chance before I revert back to 7 day listings?

Warm Regards,

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