Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dog Days of Summer Slow Sales - Don't Give Up...

I've wondered over the last several days (about 2 weeks or so), why it appeared that my sales have declined.  This being August, and the last official full month of summer gives me a reason to believe why sales have declined a little.  Family vacations, many schools have started (including my school district).

So today, I stumbled on a way to see if some of my favorite fellow sellers have had the similar sales.  I figured out how to look up their sold listings to see how many they have sold over the past several days. Well it seems to be a pattern.  People much more experienced than I haven't sold a whole lot more than I; so I have to chalk it up to the time of year and season.  Fourth quarter just around the corner, and I anticipate a HUGE jump in sales.

I have selected some really nice new items for my ebay store that will make great gifts or additions to anyone's wardrobe and accessories.  Pricing on the items pictured below includes domestic shipping.

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Cute, trendy handbags (purse or tote).... available in a variety of colors and style.  Four listed to date; with more coming as time allows.

Below are available in plus size only.  Open front animal print cardigan; great for Fall.