Monday, August 25, 2014

Dumpster Diving for FREE Shipping and Packing Supplies

Most people who sell on eBay and other sites are well aware of the free shipping supplies you can get from  However, the free supplies are specifically targeted toward priority and/or expedited mail.  If you want to help save the earth and use recycled materials, a great source for shipping and packing materials are the great recycle dumpster in your area.  I actually have permission from the manager of a national retail store chain to take as much from "his" dumpster as I want.  As he put, he has to pay the bill, so anything I take out saves his company money.  So, periodically I drive by looking for certain size boxes, bubble wrap, and other things that can be used to make shipping more economical.

Get your boxes, and bubble wrap, as well as other packaging materials from your local recycle dumpster.... be sure to get permission if there are restrictions in your area.

Do you have any special FREE supply sources?  If so, please share with me and my readers.  We'd love to know.

Warm Regards,