Monday, August 11, 2014

Stretched a Little Thin.... - Support your bloggers, Follow, Like, Share

Hello friends and followers,

Well, today I tried to get caught up reading some of the blogs I enjoy reading.  There seems to be a common theme right now.  As working parents, it is often very difficult to pursue a dream of owning your own business while you still have a mortgage, car payment, and children to care for and a full time job.  I'm one of those people as well.  I have always wanted my own store.  I've tried and given up long before failure was a reality.  Why did I give up?  I got tired, I was stretched to thin.  For almost 10 years now I've been a single parent raising two children on my day job.  While I'm one of the fortunate ones who manages to stay afloat; there isn't a lot of money for extras.  Their father has always been involved in their lives; but we decided on joint custody with no child support.  So, in support of the fellow dreamers out there, I am going to share their posts here.

Check out Serena at Thrift Diving.  I met Serena briefly at Haven Conference 2014; and I've been reading her blog for almost 2 years.  She is a strong woman with perseverance.  I ask you to show your support by following and reading her blog and her youtube channel.

Next is Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  Who gives some great advice on how to move to your dream job while not giving up your day job.  You can see her post here.

I haven't given up my dream completely; I've just re-evaluated how to go about it.  So, if you've read other posts in the past 6 months; you know I have an eBay store.  Since the thrift store booth was not profitable, I decided to pull out at the end of this month and focus on my eBay store.

Well, I guess that's enough for today.  Keep up the great work ladies and gents, and have a wonderful blessed day.  


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