Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top Rated Seller Rating August 21, 2014

Another milestone has been reached!  I can't say I've worked "HARD", but I have worked "SMART".
For me eBay sales is work but it isn't necessarily hard or difficult work.  Sure there are several steps to listing products...

  • sourcing
  • researching
  • photographing
  • listing
  • managing listings/inventory
  • shipping

and it consumes a significant amount of time.  Anyone can do it, and with today's smart phones its even easier.

I'm loving it and even with a full time job, I've managed to be awarded Top Rated Seller rating as of today.  Holding on to that level is the next challenge.  So now comes the decision of whether to upgrade from a Basic store to a Premium store.  A little more monthly investment; but more FREE listings (ok, technically I think I'm paying for them).  The original plan was to upgrade in January; but perhaps sooner would be a good idea.