Monday, September 29, 2014

Gently Used Women's Plus Size Blouses Listed on eBay

Here are 5 great deals available in my eBay store.

They are all plus size button down shirts in 2X (one in size 20).  These usually retail for $38.00 or more in the stores.  Price includes FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.


Navy and White

Tan Floral

Black with Polka Dots

Purple Checks

Have an awesome blessed day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yes, that's right.  Blondie's Boutique (dbablondiesboutique) is now on Etsy.  In an effort to diversify my business to include vintage treasures I find here and there.  My ebay store isn't going anywhere. You can visit that store here.

My tagline:  Have you ever asked yourself "Remember when...? Vintage treasures are a way to revisit the past.  Vintage treasures are an important piece of history that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Share with your parents, children, grandparents... family, friends and beyond.

Visit my Etsy store:  dbaBlondiesBoutique

Friday, September 12, 2014

Beginners Guide to Using Ebay Shipping 9.12.2014 by Blondie's Boutique

This is a guide to help new sellers learn the most basic steps of using the eBay shipping program.
Now that your item is sold, how do you ship?  Well hopefully, you weighed and estimated delivery accurately before you listed your item.  That doesn't always happen, even with experienced sellers (like me).  I have learned enough over the past few months to get by.  When I offered to help a friend ship an item she had just sold I thought this would be a good opportunity to share this basic information.  This post is not for experienced sellers.  It is for those who have never shipped anything before; or have not shipped anything in a very long time.

Things you need:
Computer paper
Printer (with ink)

You should already have a Paypal account set up for ebay shipping to retrieve funds from.  If not; STOP, go back and take care of that first.


STEP ONE:  Once you have received notification that your item has been sold, look to the right of your "Awaiting Shipment" screen and select "Print Shipping Label"

STEP TWO:  You should see a screen similar to the one below.  You can choose which shipper you want to use; but that should have been done prior to listing your product.  Sometimes you can decide to upgrade if it is less expensive and you and your buyer has not specified exactly what shipper you will use.

STEP THREE:  After you have selected your carrier, you need to select the level of service you have previously determined, or as in my case I often upgrade to a higher level of service at no additional expense to my buyer.  i.e. if I have offered FREE Economy Shipping, and my item weighs 13 ounces or less; I ship USPS First Class Mail.  This server usually arrives to your buyer in 2 - 5 days (as shown in the picture below.

STEP FOUR:  You can choose the total weight of your item.  In this case my item weighed 7.2 lbs; so of course I rounded up to prevent any additional charges to my buyer.  In the diagram below you can see to the right, that my postage cost calculated to be $3.22.  My ebay discount of 20% was applied and the total amount due to ebay shipping is $2.59.

STEP FIVE:  Select the date you want to ship your package.  I often print my labels the night before, and after a certain hour, the mail date will indicate so.  If not, I can choose to mail "tomorrow" as shown in the picture below.

STEP SIX:  Get ready to purchase your postage.  Before you click that purchase button, decide whether you want the postage to display on the label.  I personally choose not to.  This allows me the flexibility of using any discounted funds for my overall shipping and handling expenses.  Example:  I purchase some of my supplies (i.e. poly bags, paper, ink, gas etc.)  This variance helps to keep me in business.  You can choose to keep those funds or to refund the difference to your buyer.  That is totally up to you.  In this case the difference paid to me vs paid for actual shipping is $1.06.  Ebay charges a percentage of your postage as a final value fee.  In most cases that's 10%. So I will pay approximately $0.37 in FVF; making the real variance about only $0.69.

STEP SEVEN:  Once you have selected "Purchase postage" you should see a screen similar to the one below.

STEP EIGHT:  Now its time to print your shipping label and packing slip.  See the instructions in the picture below.

STEP NINE:  Computers and printers vary, but I see the same basic print screen all of the time.
Select "Print" when you are ready.  

There are different opinions about whether to include a packing slip with the order.  I almost always include a packing slip.  In my opinion that shows professionalism.  I also consider the fact that there may come a time when the shipping label is not legible.  How would the post office know where to send it or return it if there is no packing slip included.  I'm just sayin'.


And, there you have it.  A very basic, beginners guide to using ebay's shipping label program.  I'm sure there are many other blog posts, youtube videos, and such providing equal or better instructions.

So, this is just my little way of trying to help newcomers.  Good luck, and I welcome your comments.

Warm Regards,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Business Related Things to Do When Internet Service is Down

As an on-line seller, I depend heavily on internet access.  Sometimes beyond our control the internet service provider has technical difficulties or as in the case this week; eBay was having server and mobile app issues.  So, rather than panicking, or thinking there isn't anything you can do to be productive; think about these things:

  1. Organize:  An organized inventory and work space can benefit in several ways.  It makes your life and business much more efficient and pleasing to the eye.  Clutter can cause anxiety, which can cause depression, which can cause clutter... its a vicious cycle.
  2. Straighten:  If you're organized, but things have kind of fallen over, slipped off, or whatever; take the time to straighten up your area.
  3. Iron/Press (clothing):  If you have items needing to be listed, take the time to iron or press garments for a more pleasing and professional look.  It also helps you find any flaws or defects you may have overlooked.
  4. Measure:  I admit, I sometimes forget to measure garments.  This is a very important step that isn't a good idea to overlook.  Take the time to measure and make notes to get your listings ready.
  5. Photograph:  Whether you use a state of the art digital camera, or a camera phone; this is a good time to take photographs of the items you have gotten ready in the above steps.
  6. Edit Photographs:  If you have photography editing software that doesn't require internet access, this is a good time to get that done.
  7. Write Listings in Word (to copy later):  This step explains itself.  If you don't have WORD, then Notepad will work just as well,  Just don't forget to save your work.

Warm Regards,