Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Where do I Get Inventory? What do I Sell? ... on eBay

The most popular question I see faced with any eBay seller by newbies is:
Where to get inventory?  Many times they want to know "What to buy", etc.  But you know? Every individual is different.  What I sell vs what you sell could be a complete opposite.  But here are a few spots I target to get inventory.

  • Thrift Stores (of all kinds)
  • Garage Sales - individual items, buyouts, etc.
  • Rummage Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Around the House

This isn't anything new, you can find this list all over the internet.

What do I sell?

I sell new and gently used clothing, accessories, gifts and more.  That's my tag line.  I have surfed the internet for blogs, youtube, and picked up books giving me some very valuable information.  Brands are important.  Quality is important.  Do I make bad choices?  Of course, its all trial and error onsome items; that's why I try not to purchase to much of one thing or brand until I have tested it.  I am trying to move into more vintage products; but since I am at the beginning of the learning curve, I have to be cautious.  Antiques would be AWESOME; but those may be even harder for me to identify.

Have a beautiful, blessed day!