Friday, July 17, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge - 2015 Day 30

Well folks, I didn't do very well this first month of the weight loss challenge.  I got a good start; but finished way behind my goal.  You know if you don't follow the plan, you won't lose weight.  Or at least not very much.

I neglected to keep track of what I was eating after about the 2nd week.  I haven't made it to the gym. I haven't drank the recommended water intake.  Oh my.... I am so embarrassed to have started this blog series only to let myself and my readers down..... but I'm human; and so are you right?

But.... on a good note: I should be receiving my advanced fat fighters from It Works! in the coming days.  They have shipped and since I believe they are located in Dallas; it should only take a couple of days to arrive here in New Braunfels.  I sure hope these supplements help in my weight loss goals.

I guess my total weight loss over the last 30 days was a mere 3 lbs +/- an ounce or two.  I was hoping for at least 5 lbs.

Wish me luck that I can get back on track in the days ahead.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 12

We aren't going to discuss calories today.  My department went out for lunch and totally blew my calorie recommendation out of the water.  Speaking of water, at least I had water with my meal.  No soda or tea.

Sorry to have such a vague post today.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 11

I'm so silly!!! Last night I thought I was over my calorie recommendation.  Then I added my calories and thought I was under my calorie recommendation.  So.... later I realized I added my dinner calories to the calories left for the day for 994 total.... well that was WRONG!  So, I was right in the 1st place...

My food intake:
Loaded coffee,
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait (McD's)
6" Subway Black Forest Ham Sandwich
2 Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers (yes they still had calories)
1 Small Original Schlotzsky's Sandwich (536 calories)

Total estimated calories:  1278 (still not too bad).

My water intake:
~ 80 ish ounces

My exercise:
40 minutes on the treadmill.  2.5 - 3 MPH; incline between 1 - 3.

Pretty good day, I'd say

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 10

WOW!  I've made it 10 days now.  Feeling pretty good.  Pants "feel" looser; but it could all be in my imagination.

So today started as usual with my daily loaded coffee.  You may wonder what I mean by "loaded".
Well I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar.  No really, my loaded coffee comes with 1 TBSP of sugar AND 1 TBSP of Original Coffeemate per mug.

My food intake:
Loaded coffee
Subway 6" Black Forest Ham sandwich on Wheat (no cheese)
Special K snack bar
2 Taco Bell Crunchy tacos
2 cinnabon mini bites

Estimated calorie intake:  1016

My water intake:
< 82 ounces

It was my teenagers youth church night; so I didn't make it to the gym.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 9

Journal Entry Day 9
Honey took me to lunch; so I had no choice but to eat like a queen.
We met at Garden Buffet.... ymmmmmm

My food intake:
Loaded coffee
Special K Berry Medly
LUNCH:  2 Egg rolls, beef with broccoli, 2 crab rangoon, egg noodles   OH SO YUMMY!

Subtotal estimated daily calories by the end of lunch:  1237  OUCH!
Still I was too hungry to not eat anything, so I had 8 nilla wafers later

Total estimated calories:  1377

My water intake:
Lost track but I know it was at least 82.5 ounces

My exercise:
40 minutes on the treadmill - fluctuated between 2.5 - 3 mph and incline set between 1 and 5.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 8

I made it a full week!  YAY!

It was a typical day.  Just tracking what I ate.  No exerecise; for some reason I was really tired after work and did not make it to the gym.  But based on my low activity my calorie intake is the recommended amount of 1200 calories.

So on Monday June 22:

My food intake:
The usual loaded coffee
Special K Blueberry Bliss
Burger King Salad (1/2 salad dressing, no croutons)
The bag of croutons as a snack later
2 Taco Bell Crunchy Tacos
8 Nilla Wafers

Estimated calorie intake:  1091 (a little short).

My water intake:
~ 74 oz (a little short of the recommended amount)

I think I can eat what I want as long as it is in moderation; and I don't go over 1200 calories per day.

Have a blessed day,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 7

Day 7 - Sunday

My food intake:
Loaded coffee
2 slices of crispy bacon with ~ 1 scrambled egg
Spaghetti w/sauce (very light on the beef)
2 TBSP of peanut butter
8 Nilla wafers (= 140 calories)

Total estimated calories:  1171

My water intake was short of goal even though I drank more than usual for a weekend.

My exercise:  Nothing to write home about.

Here is the picture I tried to post yesterday from my phone; but it wouldn't upload.  Its a picture of the kit I ordered from ItWorks!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Days 5 &6

Posting from my android.

Day 5
Calories: estimated 1250

Day 6
Calories: estimated more than 1200 lol

Took a chance an stepped on the scales, down 2 lbs already.
and my kit arrived.

Can't seem to get the picture to load

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 4

Are you bored yet?  Me too.  At least a little; but I made a commitment to blog about my journey. Some days will be more exciting than others.  Especially when I get to day 30 and beyond.  I'm excited and can't wait to make progress with this program.

Yesterday I received an email that my business builder kit has shipped from "It Works"... yay!

Day 4

My food intake:
Loaded coffee
Special K Blueberry Bliss Snack bar
Burger King Chicken, Apple, and Cranberry Salad (grilled)
    w/o the croutons; and only half of the dressing.
Large banana
2 slices of Little Caesar's Pepperoni Pizza (280 calories per slice)

Total estimated calories:  1352

My water intake:
66 ounces (a little short)

My exercise:
40 minutes on the treadmill (low intensity, increasing slightly using incline and MPH).

I tried to take a selfie on the treadmill.  Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie while walking?  Well, I do now - they didn't turn out very well.

Have a wonderful, awesome day.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 3


Yes, I decided to start day 3 off with a body wrap.  Minimum time for wrapping is 45 minutes; maximum is 8 hours.  I'm going for 8 hours today.

Beginning measurement is:
35" around my waist (belly button)
41" around my lower abdomen

The measurements above are actually after my first initial body wrap from 2 weeks ago.  So technically this is wrap #2.  Four wraps are considered the equivalent of one (1) full treatment.
Each wrap should be done at least 72 hours apart.  Obviously I met that recommendation!

Before wrap #1 my measurements were:
36" around my waist (belly button)
42" around my lower abdomen

Here is a (not so great) picture of my wrapped tummy.

Wrapped Tummy

And here are pictures of the initial before and after wrap # 1:

Before - front view

After - front view
Before- side view

After - side view
Post Wrap # 2 measurements @ 3:00 PM: - no pictures at this time.
Waist  34"
Abdomen  41"

16 hours post wrap # 2:
Waist 34.5"
Abdomen  41.5"

Wait a minimum of 72 hours for wrap #3.  According to information received, the wrap continues to work over the next 72 hours.

So far, I'm happy with the results and I'll keep working it, because IT WORKS!

I listened to a recruiting call Tuesday night and am super motivated.  So on day 3 I ordered a t-shirt to wear at the gym and elsewhere to promote my new (expanded) business venture.

My food intake:
2 mugs of loaded coffee
Special K Berry Medley Snack Bar
CVS Nutritional Shake
2 Tbsp Peanut butter
Plain ham sandwich
Cereal with low fat milk

Total estimated calories:  1310

My water intake:
Total estimated water intake:  84 oz

My exercise:
Other than walking around the office, there was no other exercise performed.

To see my journey thus far:

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 2

As you can probably tell, my posts are actually the day after; but still numbered correctly.  Yesterday seemed like a really good day; although, I know I did not meet the calorie intake recommendation.  I was really close on my water intake.  So here is what I did yesterday:

My food intake consisted of:
2 mugs of loaded coffee (this is a routine)
Sante Fe Style Salad
1 Lg Banana
1 Fruit/Cheese snack pack

Estimated calorie intake:  687
Estimated water intake:  80 oz

My exercise:
30 minutes on the treadmill - still a fairly low intensity.  Check me out!  I actually swallowed my pride and took a selfie.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 1

Hi All,

Good morning!  As I mentioned yesterday I am on a journey to improve my health and wealth.  Step one of course was to sign up and weigh in at my company's weight loss challenge.  That was all accomplished yesterday.  Step two was to sign up as an IT Works distributor.  This was also accomplished yesterday.  It will be a few days before I receive my initial product kit; and I can't wait to start!

The Challenge:  

All employees who lose 10% of their beginning weight will win a Fitbit Flex and be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card.

Day 1:  Monday, June 15, 2015

Beginning weight:  165 lbs

My food intake consisted of:
2 Mugs of Loaded Coffee (sugar & coffeemate)
CVS Vanilla Nutrition Shake
Special K Blueberry Bliss snack bar
8 oz of Tropical Goodness smoothie (nothing to brag about)
1 Fruit/Cheese snack pack
~ 2 oz of leftover cheesy chicken (my specialty)
1/4 cup of white rice (leftovers)
1 slice of sock it to me cake

Estimated calorie intake:  1137 calories
Estimated water intake:  76 oz

My exercise:
30 minutes on a stationary bike (very low intensity)
15 minutes of stretching and crunches.

Since I work in a sedentary environment and am not able to get up and walk to the water cooler very often I decided to bring a pitcher to keep in my work area to refill my cup of water in an effort to get the recommended water each day.  I have no idea why my pictures look short and squatty.

"IT WORKS"  recommends 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day; which for me is 82.5 ounces.
A little short yesterday; but I'm working on it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blondie's Boutique Now Offering "It Works" Body Wraps and more....

Well folks, my eBay store is still doing good.  I'm not making tons and tons of money just yet; but I do love it.  In addition to my existing product line, I am adding products I've heard lots of wonderful things about.  I will be blogging here about my own journey and progress using this program to assist in my health and beauty.  Some of you may have heard of the company... follow me here for my daily diary.  I hope to have time to blog daily!  :)

So to keep it real I am posting my before pictures taken just yesterday.  Not very attractive!  Yep, definitely time to get back into better shape and live a healthier life.  At 54 years young, I want to be around for many more years for my children and future grandchildren...

Take the journey with me?

Visit my new website for more product information.  I'm brand new so it will take some time for me to familiarize myself with the products and the program.  My business kit should arrive in a few days.

Beginning weight at weigh-in this morning (clothed):  165 lbs
.... and I'm not happy with that number at all!

So, stay tuned for updates.

Monday, March 30, 2015

SPRING is in the AIR.....

Thank goodness, Spring is in the air.  I think we all enjoy Spring.  Beautiful flowers, and sunshine. Warmer days.... I love Spring.  In Texas we get 2 days of it before we start hitting high temperatures... lol.  It sure beats Winter (my least favorite season).

My expectation for my eBay sales in Spring and Summer are better than last year since I was just starting out.  However, I also expect my monthly sales to decline due to the enjoyable weather.  Do I mind? Nah.... Ok, well maybe a little.  I'm in this business to eventually go full time.  Spring is the best time to hit garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, etc.  You can find a mountain of inventory just waiting to grab.  Then when the weather gets really hot (100's for us in Texas) or cold, you already have items to list.  If your city allows it; go dumpster diving, or curb sailing.... I don't do this often any longer; I ended up donating a lot of stuff away that just sat and collected dust recently.  But still that's a tax deduction for me

I am also working toward debt elimination. I paid off my car in March; and plan to increase my monthly mortgage payment after I build a nice emergency fund.  My overall plan/goal is to semi-retire within the next 6 years.... sooner the better I say.

You all have a wonderful day/week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

eBay STORE on Vacation

One of my favorite things about having an eBay store as opposed to not having one is the vacation mode option.  This week I am going out of town on an annual event and will be away from internet and phones during most of the daytime hours.  It is SPRING BREAK in my area.  Vacation mode is a wonderful incentive available when you open a store.

Since I let all of my auction listings run out before going on vacation mode; the Buy It Now listings will not show up.  Rather eBay will suggest the buyer to add the store to their FAVORITES and come again.....


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brooches are IN

I am excited about this piece of fashion news.  Especially since I have a few pins/brooches in my eBay store; and a few more to list.  Check out the article here:  Brooches are in...

See what's in my store:  dba Blondie's Boutique

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Selling Previously Owned Clothing

Hi friends,

I hope you are all doing well on this fine day.  I would like your input into this little subject of selling used clothing.  I happened to visit a website yesterday and was quite surprised at how wrinkled a lot of the clothing appeared in its pictures.  I thought to myself "this isn't very appealing".  So I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter.  When shopping for previously owned clothing, do you pay more attention to the brand name, or the condition of the garment (i.e. the wrinkles)?

Since I sell gently used pre-owned clothing in my eBay store, I usually (admittedly not consistently) try to make them as appealing as possible.  Freshly laundered, pressed, and either hanging neatly or on a dress form or mannequin.  Please share your thoughts.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blondie's Boutique Blog and eBay

Since I spend most of my energy dedicated to my eBay store/business.  My blog will now focus on helping others who want to do the same.  Whether you are a college student, stay at home mom (or dad), baby boomer.... or somewhere in between; you can increase your income by selling on the eBay platform.  After several years of trying this business and that business, I finally dedicated myself and my time to selling on eBay.  I've made a 5 year commitment (1 year down).  And I LOVE IT!  I encourage you to give it a try.  Watch Thrift Hunters on Spike Network for great ideas on what to thrift for if you don't have anything to sell.  But I'd bet everyone has a little bit of something they can sell.

In addition to selling on eBay, I am an eBay Education Specialist.  I offer structured classes through CISD Community Education in New Braunfels, Texas; and one on one instructions to individuals.

Since I work a full time job as well, my schedule is somewhat limited; but give me a shout and we will try to work something out.

Wishing you all much success,

How to Build your eBay Feedback Score Quickly

eBay feedback score is a very important part of your reputation as a buyer and a seller.  The higher the score, the better your reputation.  The only piece of advice I can give for building your feedback score quickly is simply to purchase low price items.  So, go for items priced between $.01 - $5.00; with or without delivery and you can typically build your score and reputation relatively quickly.  Be sure to leave your seller positive feedback; and if they fail to to the same quickly - just ask.

Happy buying and selling,