Monday, March 30, 2015

SPRING is in the AIR.....

Thank goodness, Spring is in the air.  I think we all enjoy Spring.  Beautiful flowers, and sunshine. Warmer days.... I love Spring.  In Texas we get 2 days of it before we start hitting high temperatures... lol.  It sure beats Winter (my least favorite season).

My expectation for my eBay sales in Spring and Summer are better than last year since I was just starting out.  However, I also expect my monthly sales to decline due to the enjoyable weather.  Do I mind? Nah.... Ok, well maybe a little.  I'm in this business to eventually go full time.  Spring is the best time to hit garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, etc.  You can find a mountain of inventory just waiting to grab.  Then when the weather gets really hot (100's for us in Texas) or cold, you already have items to list.  If your city allows it; go dumpster diving, or curb sailing.... I don't do this often any longer; I ended up donating a lot of stuff away that just sat and collected dust recently.  But still that's a tax deduction for me

I am also working toward debt elimination. I paid off my car in March; and plan to increase my monthly mortgage payment after I build a nice emergency fund.  My overall plan/goal is to semi-retire within the next 6 years.... sooner the better I say.

You all have a wonderful day/week.