Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge 2015 - Day 3


Yes, I decided to start day 3 off with a body wrap.  Minimum time for wrapping is 45 minutes; maximum is 8 hours.  I'm going for 8 hours today.

Beginning measurement is:
35" around my waist (belly button)
41" around my lower abdomen

The measurements above are actually after my first initial body wrap from 2 weeks ago.  So technically this is wrap #2.  Four wraps are considered the equivalent of one (1) full treatment.
Each wrap should be done at least 72 hours apart.  Obviously I met that recommendation!

Before wrap #1 my measurements were:
36" around my waist (belly button)
42" around my lower abdomen

Here is a (not so great) picture of my wrapped tummy.

Wrapped Tummy

And here are pictures of the initial before and after wrap # 1:

Before - front view

After - front view
Before- side view

After - side view
Post Wrap # 2 measurements @ 3:00 PM: - no pictures at this time.
Waist  34"
Abdomen  41"

16 hours post wrap # 2:
Waist 34.5"
Abdomen  41.5"

Wait a minimum of 72 hours for wrap #3.  According to information received, the wrap continues to work over the next 72 hours.

So far, I'm happy with the results and I'll keep working it, because IT WORKS!

I listened to a recruiting call Tuesday night and am super motivated.  So on day 3 I ordered a t-shirt to wear at the gym and elsewhere to promote my new (expanded) business venture.

My food intake:
2 mugs of loaded coffee
Special K Berry Medley Snack Bar
CVS Nutritional Shake
2 Tbsp Peanut butter
Plain ham sandwich
Cereal with low fat milk

Total estimated calories:  1310

My water intake:
Total estimated water intake:  84 oz

My exercise:
Other than walking around the office, there was no other exercise performed.

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